Aturon retires from the Core Team (but not from Rust!)

After five years and two Editions of Rust, I’m stepping away from the Rust Core Team.

This is partly personal – I’ve long wanted to spend more time in heads-down engineering work for Rust, and I need some time away from the work of management.

But it’s also a recognition that this is a good moment for fresh faces and fresh thinking in Rust’s leadership.

The project is entering a new phase, where Rust is firmly established as a technology that’s here to stay, and we need to focus on maturity and sustainability – as so many people wrote about in #Rust2019 posts. I am so proud of the organization we’ve built, and I’m very confident that the Core Team (together with a new crop of leaders!) will see us through this next chapter with strength and wisdom.

I’m staying on the Rust team at Mozilla, but will be shifting my focus to more technical work, particularly on the compiler. GATs and specialization, here we come! I also plan to remain on the Lang Team and to continue work on Tide.

It’s been a huge honor and incredible learning experience to serve on the Core Team. I look forward to seeing some new folks get the same opportunity.

<3 Rust


I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we’ll miss seeing your insightful and emotionally intelligent posts about the human side of Rust, but I’m legitimately excited to hear you want to help push a few major things that I know the community has been wanting on the order of years now. We need both kinds of work, and I hope that the Core team members manage to fill the big shoes you’re leaving there!


Thank you for all the hard work. I hope the new role will bring you more happiness.


You’ve been an incredible leader in Rust, and I feel certain that your extraordinary combination of skill and charisma will continue to serve the Rust project well in whatever role you continue in. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do, and I wish you all the fulfillment you seek.


@aturon Thanks so much for your service. :slight_smile: Like others, I greatly look forward to your next role in the project!


Those are pretty big shoes to fill :athletic_shoe::athletic_shoe: @aturon Thanks for all your hard work and leadership!


You are a champion, sir. Thanks for all of the excellent work!

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I’m glad you stay in the Rust team and focus more on development.

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Oh yes pleaaaase!! No more impl Clone for CopyThinggy { fn clone(&self) { *self } }, and more importantly, a trait (family) abstraction over Rc, RefCell and Arc, RwLock so that libraries can let users opt out of “Multithreadability” !!

Anyways, go enjoy toying with Rust :wink:

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@Aturon, I’m not a huge member of the community or nothing, but thank you for your openness over these years. Your welcoming attitude and honest communications about rust and how things are going on your own site have been a major factor in why I was so excited to join the rust community, even just to chat with others and poke around on the forums and try stuff. I know I must speak for many others too when I say Rust is a uniquely safe community due to kind people such as yourself.

Never change that! :slight_smile:

And I won’t say good bye or nothing but good luck on the new projects, and see you around! Thanks for all the hard work on the core team!


Thanks for all the time & work you invested here and for the hours that are to come. On a side note it feels a little bit like we’re loosing a part of our “base”, hopefully we can find people who can jump into these spots.

Enjoy your new role, @aturon!

@aturon: Thank you for all your work! Good luck in your new role (:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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