Announcing State Of Rust


Hello all,

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the Rust Forge in the form of State of Rust. This document compiles together the current status of all of Rust’s unstable features and what is the next step required for them to move to closer to stabilisation. This is just the first step and you should expect hear more about this in the future.


Nice! However keeping this up to date could be significant work. What’s the plan there?


Why does it not include all unstable features? E.g. non_ascii_idents isn’t on the list


Pet peeve: I assume most of Rust works in US English, but this has a bunch of UK English (“stabilise”). It would be nice to standardize this.


Rust has three kinds of unstable features:

  • Those introduced by RFC which have a path to stabilization
  • Those that existed pre 1.0 and were never stabilized (no set path to stabilization, needs RFC)
  • Those that exist for internal compiler use only (no path to stabilization)

This document lists the first ones only.

For non-ascii idents, I suspect if lands it will get added to the doc.


Maybe cells or rows should have faint background colour based on the value of “Status” field?

Maybe the table should also include recent-ish (or even all) stabilized features, with green status “Stabilized”?


In contrast to this opinion, I think we should not be policing peoples’ use of language, when it is equally correct and clear.

Yet, it is a bit exclusive to police English spellings as used in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Just my 0,02€


I’d also love to see a border or alternating background between the rows and columns (even a faint one) as the text is a little hard to read.

(edit:) And it’s already implemented! Wow :heart: