Adding Clippy-like checks to rustc

There are some footguns in Rust, like not checking length returned by read()/write() or CString::new().as_ptr() giving a dangling pointer.

There's no proper language feature to catch these problems, so they've been relegated to Clippy. This approach doesn't work well:

[Clippy] also complains about a million other things, including the fact that I write numbers as 1000000 and not 1_000_000. There's something about errors and warnings, but some of my other stylistic atrocities like single iteration loops are marked as errors as well. I used it for a while, but generally found it too tiresome.

If there's an error which is a clear cut bug, I think it should be reported by an error detecting tool, not a linter.

Could some of the most serious Clippy lints be moved to rustc itself? So that they're always run, and always watch out for these bugs?


This is the latest I remember on this conversation:


For CString in particular, someone should “just” send a PR already :slight_smile:


Yes please.

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