Add release tag at

can the release tag be added at GitHub - rust-lang/llvm-project: Rust-specific fork of LLVM. to make it easier to download sources instead of git clone.


You can download any commit instead of using git clone using the /archive/ links, such as

I also think that if you are working with rust-lang/rust, you can set download-ci-llvm so that it won't clone anything.

Otherwise, can you say more about what kind of tags you are looking for (like the stable release 1.64.0 tags?) and in what scenario that would be needed?

Note that these do not include submodules (not sure if that's relevant here or not) and are not guaranteed to be hash-stable over time (as they are made on-demand and git archive does not guarantee that it is stable over time).

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FWIW, I have tags in my fork for the exact submodule commits in each Rust release:

And for those before LLVM moved to a git monorepo:

i need tag release for easy download. we tried to add rust in openwrt

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