2018 Edition End of Week Post (2018-07-27)


This is the weekly Edition Status Update; it contains the state of the content areas surveyed this week. This is the third post in this series. You can read the second post here. This week will be the last status update before Preview 2.

Note: there has also been an important update to the Edition release schedule. We will have an extended beta period, meaning that the final release is now slated for 1.31 on December 6th.

Each content area below lists the blocking issues for the Preview 2 milestone described here, which is scheduled for 2018-08-02. In addition, some areas highlight important news or places where contribution is needed. You can track the full issue burndown on this spreadsheet.

General note

  • Please keep trying to migrate crates, the weirder the better!
  • Cargo-fix is now part of Cargo proper — no separate cargo install step needed.

Language stabilizations (@aturon)

Embedded (@japaric)

Edition guide (@steveklabnik, @Centril)

  • Centril / Steve plan to knock out remaining issues for Preview 2.
  • Last week we got plenty of PRs with improvements and merged those. Please keep up reviews of the guide to polish it further.

Book (@steveklabnik)

  • Still waiting on stabilizations.
  • There are no Preview 2 blockers.

Clippy (@oli-obk)

  • Still haven’t solved #[allow(clippy::somelint)].
  • Will be blocking on Clippy testing next cycle.
  • Need to rename some lints.
  • RFC still silent, oli-obk will try to talk to relevant folks.

NLL (@nikomatsakis)

  • Things are in great shape for Preview 2, both for diagnostics and performance. Niko will be writing a blog post soon giving a general update.
  • NLL will be part of Preview 2

CLI working group (@killercup)

rustfix (@killercup)

Lints (@alexcrichton)

  • Down to 3 open lints for preview 2 which are all hygiene related and not essential for Preview 2, and will likely not make the preview.
    • Not sure how critical the remaining issues are for the Edition; they’re somewhat theoretical
  • Should we abolish all mention of rust_2018_idioms or leave a stern warning about it probably not working well? Discussion on new issue.

cargo-generate (@ag_dubs)

WASM (@fitzgen)

WG-Net (@aturon)

  • Futures 0.3.0-alpha.1 is out!
  • The WG is being rebooted, with a major meeting this week to determine what to tackle next, now that futures 0.3.0-alpha.1 is out).
  • Notes from the WG kickoff meeting are here.
  • The WG will be working through the questions raised in the first meeting within the repo, and reconvene next week.

Marketing (@aturon)

  • Organized a dedicated repo for a “Rust Marketing Handbook”.
  • Sketched out table of contents, got some PRs for very early content.
  • Expect this to be a major focus in the coming weeks.

2018 Edition End of Week Post (2018-08-04)