2018 Edition End of Week Post (2018-07-13)

This is the weekly Edition Status Update; it contains the state of the content areas surveyed this week. Since this is the first post, we were unable to get status updates from every group, but we will try to make that happen next week. Each content area lists the blocking issues for the Preview 2 milestone described here, which is scheduled for 2018-08-02. In addition, some areas highlight important news or places where contribution is needed.

You can track the full issue burndown on this spreadsheet.

If you are listed as a team leader below, please sign up for one of the time slots for weekly edition status triage.

Toolchain and docs

rustc feature work (nmatsakis)

Rustfmt (nrc)

RLS (nrc)

TRPL (steveklabnik)

Edition guide (steveklabnik, centril)

  • 6 preview 2 blocking issues
  • Shooting for polishing stuff readers of the guide have brought up for Preview 2, as well as matching the full set of features slated for Preview 2
  • Most of these are assigned to Centril/Steve and just need to be written

Lints (acrichto)

Clippy (oli-obk)

  • Keeping track of Rust PRs to reduce breakage (e.g. #52264)
  • Clippy will shortly be integrated into the RLS
  • Action: Please try out this integration and let us know of bugs

Marketing and web site

Press Material/Pitches (aturon)

  • Nothing organized yet
  • Three core aspects:
    • Nailing down pitches and slogans, driven by the web site
    • Press kit
    • Potentially additional marketing/advertising
      • Will be discussed by core team next week
  • Preview 2 Goals:
    • Basic pitches for 2018 nailed down
    • Slogans drafted but not finalized
    • Clarity on what other marketing materials are, but no work on them yet

Website (ag_dubs)

  • Design is close to finalization
  • First round of content drafts under way for Preview 2

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