1.54.0 pre-release testing

The 1.54.0 pre-release is ready for testing. The release is scheduled for this Thursday, July 29th. Release notes can be found here.

You can try it out locally by running:

RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER=https://dev-static.rust-lang.org rustup update stable

The index is https://dev-static.rust-lang.org/dist/2021-07-26/index.html. You can leave feedback on this thread.

That should be https://dev-static.rust-lang.org/dist/2021-07-26/index.html

(today's date, not release day)


1.53 rel notes include:

  • Incremental compilation remains off by default, unless one uses the RUSTC_FORCE_INCREMENTAL=1 environment variable added in 1.52.1.

I think 1.54 should either repeat that, or mention that incremental works again (don't know what's the status there).


Incremental compilation is mentioned in the blog post (pull request), but I agree that should get a line in the release notes too.

I'm open to have a PR landing a release notes line on the master branch. Updating the RELEASES.md in the stable branch is not really feasible unfortunately: I'd prefer to avoid rebuilding all the artifacts just for that.

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