1.47.0 pre-release testing

The pre-release for Rust 1.47.0 is now out. Check it out on the Inside Rust blog:


Lifting the restriction of std trait impls for arrays of length > 32 will surely make quite a few people happy. It's always been the most obvious construction site on stable Rust, IMO.

Btw, does that mean we'll get a stable MVP for const generics, soon (1.48/1.49, perhaps?) or is that unrelated with this feature?

It is not directly related, and it is unlikely to happen in 1.48. 1.49 cycle has started and it could happen in that cycle, but AFAIK stabilization has not actually been proposed yet. People are definitely working on it, and we're seeing good progress, so I think it's feasible.

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We're preparing a rebuild of the pre-release to include a last minute fix for the linux builds hanging regression. I'll post here once the pre-release is up.


The rebuild of the pre-release is up!

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