Writing last few chapters of the guide


The rustc guide has gone quite a long way. However, there are still a couple missing key chapters:

  • Monomorphization, codegen, LLVM, linkage https://github.com/rust-lang-nursery/rustc-guide/issues/89. There is nothing written about these important topics at all. This is probably the biggest gap in the guide at this point.

  • MIR construction, MIR Optimizations. There is nothing written about these at all.

  • EDIT: also, macro expansion and hygiene. We have a little here, but the set of people knowledgable on these topics is extremely small…

Unfortunately, both of these chapters require some more in-depth knowledge to write (and I don’t have it). Is there anyone willing to write up something? It would be fine to take a small portion of either chapter (e.g. only linkage), but it would be good to have something on these topics.


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