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Current nightly rustc 1.25.0-nightly (8ccab7eed 2018-01-31) change handling of workspace. At now if you compile code inside crate, that part of workspace it print warnings/errors in form of crate/src/ instead of src/

Anybody know why this change was done?

It breaks many tools, for example emacs + rust-mode becomes unusable - for each error it ask me where to find file, because of it expects that if you run compiler in directory workspace/crate, the all paths should be relative to crate or absolute, but at now all paths relative to worskspace. intellij-rust also not show errors with nightly

I do not know about intellij, but for emacs this not configurable behaviour, so it requires implementation of something like rust-compile-mode and it is not the simple thing. May be it is possible somehow turn off this new feature?



Yep, this is a known problem. It was implemented in, and we are figuring out how to solve the original problem without breaking the world (you can access the scale of the problem by the number of linked issues :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looks rather strange, why internal caching requires change of visible behaviour (output to stdout/stdserr). Then I am going to report bug.



There is intention to fix this regression:


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