Why local variable isn't place in current function stack?

When i disassembly simple code and found a question.
Why local variable isn't place in current function stack??
ex: The "_ZN3aaa10build_user17h6ef656f427941943E" function does't create stack frame only use previous function's stack.

line :5,6,7
This my code : 


Firstly, questions like this should probably be asked in the users.rust-lang.org section next time.

Secondly to answer your question, LLVM may choose several ways to return a struct. The ABI may allow returning it in multiple registers, or as you see here there is an implicit out parameter. Here you’ll see where space is allocated on the stack and rdi is set to point towards that space on the stack. The rdi is one of the argument registers. The other function then uses this pointer to construct the struct.

(to answer why sub rsp, 0x20 but lea rdi, [rbp-0x18] only 0x18 bytes are needed but it usually preferable and perhaps required on some ABIs that the stack is kept specially aligned)