Why does Rust's BTreeSet not have a pop()?

I've given up on using the BinaryHeap because I need to be able to update and view into the contents of the queue. I've replaced it with BTreeMap and other than my Ord implementation being a bit weird, it's working great.

This is the minimal code as a proof-of-concept:

use std::collections::BTreeSet;
fn main() {
    let mut pq = BTreeSet::new();


    loop {
        // My pretend 'pop' function looks up the element, then calls take() below.
        let item = match pq.iter().next() {
            None => return,
            Some(x) => x.clone()

        let item = pq.take(&item)
            .expect("Should be covered by match arm above");

        println!("Value: {}", item);

This is bad code for multiple reasons, but it begs the question: Why isn't pop() on BTreeMap part of the standard library? It should be more useful and efficient than the BinaryHeap implementation presuming the BinaryHeap is in fact a binary heap underneath.

If I were to implement pop(), what needs to happen?

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pop_first and pop_last were recently added, and are currently available in nightly Rust as an unstable feature:



Well that’s perfect then! Thanks!

Just a little update here for those who stumble upon it: I did try using pop_first as opposed to my solution above but it provided different results. I didn't dive deeply into it, but for those who might give it a try I'd make sure you're getting the results you expect from both methods.

.iter().next() doesn't remove the element, but .pop_first() does.

No, but take does, which is part of the alternative pop_first implementation.

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