What happened to rustdoc warnings on TODO or FIXME?

I put TODO or FIXME in my docs to remind myself that I need to put in more documentation somewhere. Up until recently (1.59 maybe?) rustdoc automatically printed warnings whenever it saw either TODO or FIXME in the docs. Now I don't get anything. Has this behavior been removed?

I'm not aware of rustdoc ever providing those warnings. Perhaps you are thinking of rustfmt with the report_todo and report_fixme options?

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... :sweat_smile:... yes.

Thank you.

It appears those lints were removed from rustfmt and moved to clippy which is where it belongs IMO.

But actually, the clippy lint is applied only on todo!() :frowning: (also it's allowed by default)

It appears to still be in rustfmt, which is good because clippy doesn't seem to pick these sequences up at all. If it was removed from rustfmt completely, I could do it with a bash script, but that's clunky.

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