What happened to `func!()'?

If I remember correctly, there was discussion at one point for creating a new built-in macro named func!(), similar to file!() and line!(). I can't find the original discussion now, and I have no idea what happened to the idea. Does anyone know what happened to the idea? Was it ever resolved, or did the discussion just fall away?

The only thing that I really remember was that there were concerns about how to deal with closures, but I don't remember anything else about it.


I found this RFC that was closed by the author https://github.com/rust-lang/rfcs/pull/2818


@matt1985 Thank you for the link. It's a shame that it died due to people being busy, but such is life! Fortunately, the stdext crate's function_name macro that was referenced at the end of the link you gave works well enough. Maybe some day it will make it into stdlib.

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