Welcome cramertj to the lang team!

I am pleased to announce that @cramertj will be joining the Language Design subteam. Taylor has been active in Rust for some time now: he’s done work on the compiler itself, such as implementing the catch { } feature and helping out with incremental compilation, and he’s also been heavily involved in the RFC process. He authored the match binding RFC as well as an RFC concerning extern crates (since incorporated into the pending RFC on paths and visibility). Equally importantly, he’s shown a strong aptitude for summarizing the concerns of others and helping to drive discussions towards consensus. So, Taylor, welcome!

Edit from @aturon: missed a few!


I honestly thought @cramertj already was on the lang team. :smile:

Welcome! And thanks for all the hard work on those RFCs.

Taylor came out of nowhere and immediately started pumping out high quality RFCs. He’s been a huge help with the ergonomics initiative, and frequently catches things I’ve overlooked. And he’s a delight to work with.

@cramertj is also our first shepherd to be promoted onto the full team!

Congrats @cramertj!


Oh, no, the “ergonomic initiative” people are now majority.
Everything is lost.


Anywhere your code is hard to write, we’ll be there, writing controversial RFCs then scaling them back!

Resistance is futile!


Congrats @cramertj!

Congrats @cramertj !

Congratulations @cramertj! I’ve been quite impressed with all your work not only on writing and shepherding RFCs but also implementing them! I eagerly await everything that’s coming down the pike from you.


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