Weekly-meetings/2015-05-05 (servo; --test and stability; irc floods; semver)



This should be in announcements category.


No, I think announcements should be reserved for actual announcements and rfc final comment period announcements. If the meeting has an announcement as an action point, it should be made separately.


As far as IRC goes, the mod subteam could be given halfop or something. Not sure if that lets you voice users, but it lets them kick/ban/unban regular users.

cc @aturon


Currently, the description of announcements category says “… such as … new meeting minutes are available”. Maybe it is the description that should be updated.


Yeah, my hope is that the moderation team would sort of “oversee” IRC operation – we can continue to have operators who are not on the moderation team, but they should be chosen by the team and the policy should be set by the team.