Weekly-meetings/2014-08-05 (Import renaming syntax; &mut patterns; static mut; where clauses; stylistic umbrella lints; opt-in built-in; serialization; UFCS; empty struct syntax)



Would it possible to put dashes on each line under “Status”? Markdown currently renders it as 1 giant blob, and it’s hard to grok.


It’s just a normal repository, so pull requests welcome. (I just fixed this instance.)


aturon: Working on associated types, I’ve been assuming we would use a similar syntax for associated types, which mostly works wel, but there’s ambiguity with higher-ranked types. Closures can be < 'a > and introduces a higher-rank variable. That’s ambiguous with…

nmatsakis: No it’s not. Just annoying to parse. There isn’t a type that begins with a tick, is there? Unless we get rid of tick.

aturon: If we had other forms than just lifetimes, the conflict would become more severe.

nmatsakis: Technically parseable with one char of lookahead, but requires a convoluted grammar. I’m inclined to possibly change that higher-rank type syntax. It’s not widely used or liked today. I don’t know what to, though. But I’m willing to cross that bridge when we come to it.

(I had a suggestion.)


Thanks! I was hoping the suggestion would be used for future meeting notes as well :smiley:


They normally are lists (each of those 4 was like that originally), the lack of list in this one was just a mistake.