Vim and rust-lldb


Does anyone know why the rust-lldb script uses --source-before-file specifically? Do the commands need to be sourced before loading the debugging executable?

I am looking for guidance regarding this issue:

…more generally, does anyone know of any existing Vim8 or NeoVim debuggers that work with Rust?

(I have asked this on IRC, Discord, and Zulip without getting a response, so I am hoping to have better luck here; in particular, I believe that either @michaelwoerister or @tromey should know enough to provide some insight.)



It’s quite a while since I wrote that script in 2014. I think --source-before_file was the least intrusive way of loading the Rust pretty printers. Does it cause problems for the vim debugger?



Yes, only because of the Python wrapper it uses. (I didn’t write the debugger; I only know about the issue based on comments in that GitHub issue.)

since :VBGeval does not currently handle very well multiline formatted values, you may be better off with the default formatting…

Perhaps the Vim tool can simply skip the formatting bits and just load the standard library?



IIRC, formatting is the only thing added by the script. It would probably not too hard to add an option for printing all values on a single line.

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