Using stringify!() for names of types

I was looking at this code in Rust today:


and I'm wordering if we couldn't use this as the standard style:


This is something I've adopted in my own code, because it feels marginally cleaner - Intersection is an ident, it's the name of a type (and if the type renames, so should we change this string in the Debug impl too).

Thoughts on this? I know it's a small thing and feels low-tech, but small things like this add up in refactoring. How do Rust's current refactoring tools handle renaming Intersection in this code?

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Seems like it could unnecessarily increase compile times?

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You can actually take this a step further and get full rename safety now:


(Not something I've actually used outside test code yet, just realised how nicely it might work when seeing this post).


Yeah, seems like the effect should be minimal though? Not more than any other added code.

Nice. The output would be messier that way, but you get a feature (that you might not want) - showing the generic parameters.

It might be noticable if you change the derive expansions of Debug -- @rust-timer should be able to find out.

+ the absolute path to the type.

I don't think we should change how derives expand. This is about open coded implementations, where the maintainability of using stringify matters.

yes this is not a wanted feature

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I see; in that case I think @Nemo157's proposal is more maintainable.

It depends on the case? Sometimes an absolute path in debug logs can be more informative.

I observe that the docs for stringify! say:

Note that the expanded results of the input tokens may change in the future. You should be careful if you rely on the output.

(which seems a bit mealy-mouthed: surely either stability is guaranteed or it is not; "be careful" seems unhelpful.)


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