Unikernels in rust


Yes yes yes, gogogo. We talked to anil about this year’s ago and everybody is enthusiastic for mirage + rust.


seems related:


maybe with stabilization of libcore we can continue this thread


Thought my work belongs here.

I wrote an Unikernel that can support a web server in Rust from scratch. Essentially I have used the mini OS written by Philip Opperman and wrote an Ethernet driver on top of it in Rust with no_std. Also I have achieved Transmitting and Receiving UDP packets on that server.

Incase someone is interested to look it up. (package structure was inspired from QuiltOS.)

source code : https://github.com/rajiv256/ouros

write up explaining what I have done.


Serendipitously, I also came across this: https://github.com/hermitcore/libhermit-rs