Suggestions for improving documentation

Hello Rust team,

I’m now trying to learn Rust.

But I found that there was many things to learn and many things to know.

It’s not easy to prioritise some parts and leave others, I should have a global overview before start else I will do it wrongly.

What about organising document by domain :

  • web : if I’m interesting about Rust + Node or Rust + WASM, in what should I focus on ?
  • system
  • desktop
  • mobile
  • ….

Or also by level or priority ?

The idea to make documentation more focused : instead of spending months on learning everything, what are the priorities without redoing or losing the benefits ?

I like so much Rust especially the combination Rust-Node and Rust-WASM, but I can’t be focused and I don't find the good entry point to that (many things to discover).

Another point, what about adding some code similarities with others languages ?

It’s sometimes hard to explain pointers, lifetimes, ownership to developers that had only used dynamic and garbage collector language like Java or JS.

I just want to share with you my little feedback.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I agree, it would be great to have more targeted resources like “Rust for Web Developers,” “Rust for Computer Graphics,” and such. I think some of the Working Groups have started documentation projects like this, and perhaps more of them could be encouraged to do so.


Hi @mbrubeck, thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Awesome !

Like this we can master progressively Rust, each time we focus on a part : web then system ...


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