Subteam Reports 2015-07-24

A little later this week than usual, but here’s what’s happened over the past two weeks!

Friend of the Tree

@Gankra has nominated @tshepang for Friend of the Tree this week:

Over the last year Tshepang has landed over 100 improvements to our documentation. Tshepang saw where documentation was not, and said “No. This will not do.”

We should all endeavor to care about docs as much as Tshepang.


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We decided to accept RFC #1191, on adding a HIR to the compiler.

In addition, RFC #1211 has entered into final comment period. This RFC describes a mid-level, simplified IR that will be constructed after type-checking but be used to drive advanced analysis and code generation.

– nmatsakis


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Two decisions were made since the last report:

  • RFC #873 (macros in types) was accepted.
  • RFC #1150 (re-exporting associated iteams with use) was withdrawn.

One RFC is entering final comment period:

  • RFC #1219: extending the use syntax to allow renaming in group imports.
  • RFC #1214: clarifying rules for projections and well-formedness. This is a soundness RFC that clarifies some of the language rules, closing various soundness issues in the process. Some existing code may no longer compile (full evaluation in progress); in any case, the plan is to phase the changes in gradually.

Finally, we would like to call attention to one pending RFCs:

  • RFC #1177: introducing an anonymous placeholder lifetime '_. There are some debates as to the best defaulting behavior and best syntax; more input would be helpful.


— nmatsakis


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A little belated this week and we slipped last week, so there’s definitely a few things to catch up on! The libs team didn’t hold a triage meeting this week due to many attendees having conflicts at the normal time, but we should make progress on the FCP RFCs and new PRs next week. As a summary of last week’s actions:

RFCs going into their final comment period:

Decisions from last week:

  • FCP PR #1174: RFC for creation of IntoRaw{Fd, Socket, Handle} trait to complement AsRaw*
  • PR #26743: Add a method lines_any to BufRead
  • FCP PR #1158: RFC: Expand the std::net module
    • Postponed, pending some policy decisions about how to handle major new API additions in std. We should have more details on this next week.

In the triage meeting last week we also discussed the story for adding new large portions of functionality to the standard library (e.g. the std::net RFC), and we will be posting our conclusions soon about this topic.


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It’s been a bit since the last report, so here’s some of the highlights over the past two weeks:

In other news the cargo install RFC is likely to go into FCP soon, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

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In Language, 2 RFCs are entering FCP, not 1

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