Store a *mut libc::c_void type entire the program


A return value of a c++ foreign function has *mut libc::c_void type (equal to void* in c++). how can I store and save this value entire my program, initialize it first, and use it whenever I want, like a static variable?

I can't store a *mut libc::c_void type directly like this:

static CHILD: *mut libc::c_void = createChild();

I get this error:

*mut c_void cannot be shared between threads safely the trait Sync is not implemented for *mut c_void shared static variables must have a type that implements Sync.

I'm familiar with lazy_static, and it' not possible too.

also, I need to free this pointer in C++ when I'm done with using it. so, I kinda need a specific drop function too. I know that 'static' does not have drop. but if you have an idea, I would be happy to hear it.

This question probably belongs on, but I happen to have an answer off the top of my head: Cast the value to libc::uintptr_t before storing it. I had to do this in one of my programs to work around the fact that some C libraries define pthread_t to be a C typedef for void *, and others define it as an opaque integer. The libc crate follows suit, which means that whether libc::pthread_t is Send varies based on the underlying OS. (It ought to be Send always.)

thanks, it worked with casting to libc::uintptr_t, now have another question,

how can I have a function which is called at the end of my program? (in this case I have to free the *mut libc::c_void type pointer in C++)

One approach is to use something like drop_guard. If you construct a guard at the start of main, it will run your custom drop logic when either unwinding or returning from main.

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