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Hi, I’m new to Rust and I’m trying to learn more about the language and its features.

I have seen the RFC and its related tracking issue. I’m wondering if the default impl feature is still planned to be developed and if I can help with it. I have in mind to do what is described in the following quote taken from the RFC

we could easily add a shorthand later on in which default impl Trait for Type is sugar for adding default to all items in the impl.

Would you accept contributions for this feature?

EDIT: Maybe this post didn’t reach the intended persons @nikomatsakis @aturon . It’s also a possibility that they have simply skipped it :smiley:



Hey @giannicic,

default impl is listed in the checklist on the tracking issue, so it’s on the roadmap (as opposed to being something we’d need another RFC to discuss). I think the best thing to do would be to post that you’re interested in working on that component in the tracking issue.



I’ll try to post it there. Thank you @withoutboats


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