Sort deprecated items lower in docs

Currently in things like std::error::Error - Rust on the left sidebar deprecated items are sorted just like non-deprecated items. It'd be nice if they were sorted lower, or highlighted as deprecated somehow. Or maybe even a "show deprecated items" option to go with it.


Related: my pet peeve is that unstable items are shown (and cannot be hidden) even in stable docs.


Ehh your pet peeve doesn't leak to downstream crates so it doesn't matter :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, if you find unstable items that you wish you could use, you can look into them and poke ppl about it. So we'd say it's actually important to show those.

You’re referring to the standard library docs, right? In some cases unstable items are already part of stable API, so one would have to differentiate there. Something like an unstable method on a type might be reasonable to hide, but traits such as Pattern or Try are important in documentation so you can find out which types are supported by functions like str::find or Iterator::try_fold.

Also before hiding unstable items on stable, I would like to see some better indication of what version of the standard library docs you’re currently looking at as well as some nice hyperlinks between stable and nightly. As it stands you always have to look at the URL and possibly modify the URL. While we’re at it, we probably also want an indication on old versions that they’re outdated. Maybe an extra bar on top similar to how does it. I’m mostly talking about online docs here. Local docs shipped through rustup are fine IMO.


Your tone is needlessly confrontational. Also, I disagree. When writing code for stable, I don't want to be distracted by what could be, I want to know what is.


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