Should clippy warn about function calls outside closures if those are const? [Answered]

Consider this code:

use std::collections::HashMap;

fn main() {
    let mut map = HashMap::new();

Clippy complains that the Vec::new() call is not closured:

warning: use of `or_insert` followed by a function call
 --> src/
5 |     map.entry(12_u8).or_insert(Vec::new()).push(34_u8);
  |                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ help: try this: `or_insert_with(Vec::new)`
  = note: `#[warn(clippy::or_fun_call)]` on by default

However, Vec::new() is const, so presumably the closure is not needed(?). While I'm reasonably confident the closure will get optimised away anyway, could clippy avoid the warning in this case?

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const doesn't mean trivial, and it also doesn't guarantee that the function is evaluated at compile time.

A const function is only const evaluated if it's in a required const context (effectively, used to create a const binding or generic). If it's not in a required const context (such as here), it's just a normal function call.

If there were some way to force const evaluation of the argument (const blocks?), then the unwrap_or branch can just bit copy the constant value. But without that language-level guarantee, it's up to the inliner to optimize the regular function call into a constant value, and unwrap_or_else properly communicates to the optimizer that the fallback value only should be computed if the fallback case is needed.


Ah. Of course. Thank you!

Hmm, raises an interesting API option. If there was a const such that one could say .or_insert(Vec::EMPTY) and because it's a const be confident that it's not a concern.

And it looks like if you do that, clippy is happy with it:

Looks like the const blocks that CAD97 mentioned also cause clippy to not warn for this:


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