Semicolon to end a match line with no return

This minor annoyance has come up for me several times recently, and I feel this is a reasonable solution,

match something{
   Case(n) => {
    OtherCase => could_just_end_with_a_semicolon();

So normally a match case ends with a comma but if the function returns something you don't want to handle, (eg tree insert returns an option of the previous value) You have to create a block to allow for the semicolon to cancel the result.

But if there was a semantic difference between a comma and a semicolon, then, the block would not be needed for a single line, action.


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Not returning from a match branch is pretty trivial:

match something {
   Case(n) => { returns_something_i_dont_want(n); },

I don't see the benefit of this.


And of course

match something {
   Case(n) => drop(returns_something_i_dont_want(n)),

Perhaps my problem is with rustfmt, but rustfmt insists that this should be spread over three lines.

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