`self.method` or `obj.method` as expression

Want to head some comments about the thought: why self.method couldn't be expression e.g. be equivalent |v| self.method(v). For now, methods are distinct from field and cannot be accessed as some value or function pointer. However, it is mostly similar to statefull closure, capturing self, and usage of FnOnce, FnMut or Fn can be deduced from method's receiver type.

A big problem is that fields and methods have separate namespaces, so the following is possible and indeed somewhat common:

struct Foo { bar: i32 }

impl Foo {
    fn bar(&self) -> i32 { self.bar }

Currently foo.bar is unambiguous, but wouldn't be if it could also refer to the method of the same name.


Even more ambiguous:

struct Bar {
    foo: fn(i32) -> i32,
impl Bar {
    fn foo(x: i32) -> i32 { ... }