Rust release milestone predictions

The last PR is

Yes, that's correct.

Thanks @Yamakaky

I added rustup xz compression to 1.19 cc @ranma42.

@XAMPPRocky if you haven’t yet, and if you are satisfied with your patch, do you mind submitting the 1.18 relnotes as a PR, then dropping a link in #rust-internals asking for review?


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I did a thorough update of the predictions, bumped lots of stuff, added lots of stuff.

AFAIK all of the changes required for XZ compression have landed. Is there a release schedule for rustup?

Bumped RLS to 1.20

@ranma42 Oh awesome. The release schedule is just whenever I circle back to it. I will try to get a build out soon.

Moved “Macro use and re-export” to horizon, as this comment indicates that the change is postponed until Macros 2.0 are readier as a whole.

Thanks @GolDDranks!

I also bumped android host builds, up-to-date reference, cargo 1.0, and AVR to horizon.

I also bumped incremental to horizon.

When are “slice_patterns” going to be stable?

@leonardo I don’t see any indication on the tracker that they are approaching stability, but there is still activity. I did at it to ‘horizon’ since it is at least still moving. If you are motivated you might harass people there to get it moving.

Well, it’s already time again that we start preparing release notes for 1.19. @XAMPPRocky are you interested in doing it again? I know it was a bit of a slog last time…

We also need to reevaluate the predictions. I think after doing a thorough review of the predictions I want to post some kind of “What’s coming up in Rust” update to urlo, and in it give recommendations about how people can help move their favorite features forward. Sometimes it just takes someone to pester the right people to get a feature moving.


Yes I am. I actually enjoyed doing it!


I’ve done up a preliminary version.


Thanks @XAMPPRocky!

I updated the op to move 1.18 to “past”, and linked in the 1.19 relnotes.

I did a pass over everything and updated them. I’m losing motivation to continue doing so and I encourage others to add items to the op as they become aware of their status.

The PR linked for Android host builds has been merged. Does it belong to a specific release now?