Rust libz blitz!

Can I suggest glob/globset? I believe globset is the way forward but it would make sense to transition the glob crate to be globset

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Thanks for the suggestion @Keats! Seems like the right kind of crate, though I’m not familiar myself.

So far our crate tracking issues have not had a “Release 1.0” issue actually filed, but I kind of think they should. I might go back and do that and link up the tracking issues. Any opinions?

There’s some question about whether it makes sense to include mio in the cookbook as it is a low level systems-integration piece.

Rust Libz Blitz status update 2017-06-02

Here’s what is going on in libz blitz news this week. Spoiler alert: it was another great week! Thanks everybody.

Upcoming we’ll expect @aturon to open the error-chain evaluation soon. It also looks like we need to get someone on the hook to lead the mio evaluation to get that evaluation started by 6/11.

I’m also interested in getting some of the “out-of-band” evaluations going, crates like idna, net2, unicode-segmentation, env_logger. We can run these exactly as we do the others, but we just won’t schedule a libs team meeting to finalize them. Anybody interested in leading them just speak up. I may pick up one myself next week.




Looks like the only remaining blocker is to rename internal types to match public types.


No activity this week but there are still issues open.


Looks like remaining work is blocked on questions about the API.


API guidelines

Tasks needing contributors


I posted the tasks needing to twir as well.

Cookbook is actually running low on tasks. I’ll stir up more next week.

Personally I find tracking issues (for versions at least) to be more onerous, and so I assigned all the new issues in reqwest to a ‘v1.0’ milestone instead. The problem with tracking issues is you have to remember to check off issues as they’re closed, and you need to click through to each one to determine if you can check it off. Milestones are automatic.


I would like to suggest HTML parser crates html5ever or its very nice high level wrapper select. Both are sorely in need of documentation. There is already a nice select cookbook example waiting for merge.

Thanks for the suggestion @seanmonstar. I’m open to switching to milestones if that’s what others prefer. One thing we would lose there is a place to write comments about the overall progress, but I don’t know how important that is.

you could always have a ‘tracking issue’ that’s part of the milestone to keep comments and such things? it could link to the milestone rather than to each individual issue in it, and be closed off when the release is made or somesuch

The error-chain evaluation is now under way! Jump on in to help polish this vital crate.

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I created a cookbook issue for flate2 / tar recipes:

Also for bitflags:

Due to a scheduling conflict I bumped mio to 8/15, and moved gcc up to 7/11.

Since we’re trying to open evaluations one month ahead of time, that means @burntsushi will need to open the gcc thread next week.

walkdir is scheduled for next Tuesday. Everything ready to go @KodrAus? Need any help still?

@brson Yep, everything should be good to go. But any extra input is always appreciated :slight_smile:

I added rayon and mime to on-deck evaluations. rayon is about ready for 1.0, and very popular. mime also gets around a lot and libs team has expressed interest. I demoted env_logger to out-of-band evaluations, as I don’t see the libs team revisiting logging any time soon. I’m still hopeful to get some such evaluations going soon.

The csv crate is also about ready for 1.0, and would be worthy of review. As a @burntsushi crate it’s going to be super high quality. I’m a little iffy about whether it is within the present mandate of this project, though certainly csv is a common format, and is sometimes supported by standard libraries.

RE csv: It’s at 1.0.0-beta.3 right now, which was intentional so that I could still make breaking changes. My plan is to probably get 1.0 out before the end of the year. I agree with your concerns @brson though, but I just wanted to put this out there!

I would like to mention that @kbknapp has started a libz Blitz Style overhaul for clap-rs some time ago :thumbsup: