Rust libz blitz!


Rust libz blitz status update 2017-05-12

Ok, here’s what we accomplished this week.

Also @dtolnay @danburkert @SimonSapin @sfackler and @alexcrichton reviewed tons of stuff.

Wow. So that’s pretty amazing. Thanks everyone!


OK, one more thing for today.

The walkdir crate is scheduled for 6/13, has no assigned lead, and I do want to start getting these evaluations going more weeks in advance. I know we’ve only had one round to crib off of so far (log, but if anybody has an inclination to lead the walkdir evaluation, I can help walk them through the evolving process. I’ll be on vacation next week, but the one following we can get started. Alternately, if somebody is up to getting walkdir started next week @dtolnay can assist.

@dtolnay will be starting the reqwest evaluation soon.


I added a link to the reqwest evaluation.


I added a link to the libs team meeting about log.


I’ve filled in the tracking issue and cookbook issue for the log crate:


Status update 2017-05-19

There has been a ton of great libz blitz progress this week. We are going to need even more help to keep up the momentum! Contribution opportunities are in bold.







API guidelines

Thanks everyone!


It’s been suggested to me that base64, data_encoding, tar, and backtrace are all appropriate here. Sounds right to me. Any other opinions?


hex is along similar lines, and apparently it’s the best place to get hex conversion.


This graph shows the great effect the libz blitz has been having for the log crate. We still need lots more help! Please check the tracking issue for opportunities to contribute.


I updated links in the op. There are already cookbook tracking issues for mio and walkdir.


I updated the crate list per the last few suggestions, and attempted to generalize the categorizations there a bit.


The walkdir review is scheduled for 6/13, and the intent is to start evaluations one month ahead of time, so it’s behind schedule. It still doesn’t have a lead assigned. Is anybody interested in leading the walkdir evaluation, starting this week? It doesn’t require a great deal of experience, since the entire process is outlined in the checklist, and there are previous examples to crib off of.

If not, I will begin the walkdir evaluation on Friday.

The error-chain review is scheduled for 6/27, which means @aturon needs to get that evaluation rolling soon as well.


Ok I’m happy to pick up the walkdir lead. I think it’s a fairly safe crate to get my feet wet, there’s plenty of prior work to look at and @burntsushi is already on board. Should be a walk in the park :wink:

But if you’re looking at the Libs Team peeps to take on these roles that’s no problem :+1:


Thanks a bunch @KodrAus. You are assigned! Please open the thread at your earliest convenience.


I added num_cpus to the crate list.


It came to my attention that Packt has a forthcoming book called “Rust Cookbook”. I filed an issue about it.


Done :+1: Doesn’t look like I’ve got permission to make the post a wiki though, could one of the admins please convert it?


Done. The way I did it was to click the “…” at the bottom of the post, then the wrench icon, then “make wiki”.


Status update 2017-05-27

Here’s what is going on in libz blitz news this week. Contribution opportunities are in bold.







API guidelines

Thanks everyone!