Rust libz blitz!

Status update 2017/07/05

This is another belated status update, covering the time period since 6/23.

The libs team reviewed the error-chain crate at last week’s libs meeting. Unfortunately, due to logistical problems around the Mozilla all-hands, the meeting was not recorded. The meeting notes are on this etherpad though. @aturon or @brson will follow up soon on the thread and file all the bugs.

Some of the big resolutions were:

  • lower the Error trait into probably the alloc crate so no_std error-chain makes sense
  • investigate a complete syntactic redesign to accommodate all the missing capabilities raised in the review. This will certainly require using some form of procedural macros. It may or may not be a 1.0 blocker

Thanks @Yamakaky and @bascule for attending, and thanks to all those who participated in the review.

@KodrAus opened an evalution for same-file, a small support crate that was extracted out of walkdir.

@burntsushi opened an evaluation for gcc. This is the first build-time crate we’ve taken a close look at, so the hope is it has some unique properties. This crate is scheduled for next week, 7/11! Time flies… please go give that thread a look and make any reviews you have soon. I’ll chip in myself before next week.

Very soon we will expect @brson to open the rand evaluation, which is scheduled for 7/25. I’m a bit worried about the time crunch…

@budziq is looking for cookbook ideas for regex, ring, csv, glob, and also same-file. @budziq I will try to help you solidify these into contributor tasks soon but feel free to start making issues of the ones you feel confident about and posting to the twir call for participation.

We are super close to completely closing out the evaluations for bitflags, byteorder, flate2, and lazy_static, and releasing bumped versions.

reqwest is only blocked on associated constants and some decisions about the decomposition of the basic HTTP types. memmap is only blocked on one API refactoring PR that is pending and some followup docs. log has a couple technical changes to make still, particularly structured logging.

We’ve now closed 113 issues against crates in the libz blitz.




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