Rust-gamedev WG application discussion


Splitting discussions here into a separate thread as requested by skade.

I have created this that is super early right now and you can join on it as it will be the main activity hub for this working group (similar to how the rust-embedded WG is organized): Rust game development working group · GitHub

What I am proposing as an initial plan has been explained in a bit of detail here: Rust And Game Development | Alexandru Ene blog

Initial thread where I answered the questions for why this working group would be beneficial as well as answering the required questions:

We can discuss my proposal here in a bit more detail in order to not pollute the above thread.


Why not just rustgd · GitHub?

Also, a link to the previous rust gamedev WG discussion:


I just copied the model and naming from the existing working groups (I really am a fan of the embedded one). I looked at the group and it looks like a useful collection of gamedev-related libraries.

The vision I’m proposing for this wg is a bit different and not focused on individual libraries, but with the focus on solving systemic issues game developers face.

For this reason, I think it’s fine to have two separate ones, for this purpose, the rust-gamedev for handling any workgroup related things like: organizing it, website & newsletter and so on and the other github organization for all the libs.

So the wg would own the libs? (Ba-dum tishhh. I apologize.)

Slightly more seriously, if there's a separate org for game libs, how about game-rs?


See tracking issue from the governance side here, please feel free to further use this topic to discuss.


Thank you for keeping it only slightly more seriously, by still making it a pun ;).


To reiterate my point here: The gamedev WG will be the first to be contacted, to appreciate that we had actively held it in holding pattern and we don't want you to wait any longer. :partying_face:

I'm on training until next Wednesday, so please don't mind if I don't get in touch immediately :).

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