Rust 1.18 release status

The 1.18 release is scheduled for 6/8. That is a little over two weeks from now.

And the state of the release is super not good.

Here are the outstanding bugs:

There are 10 of them.

And cargobomb against 1.18.0-beta.2:

The vast majority of regressions are these three:

These all are thought to have fixes, but not landed.

We can’t release in this state, so please if you have the ability and capacity to tackle these problems, do so.

cc @compiler_subteam @core_team

This PR intends to backport some fixes:

Oh there are a bunch of nominated backports too:

Those with the ability to accept them should have a look.

I did a couple of backports, and bumped the beta:

As of now there's one more beta patch in the queue, and that looks like it'll be the last:

Here are the remaining known beta regressions:

This one won't be resolved for beta but is minor:

There are two mingw-related regressions that came out of the LLVM upgrade and won't be reverted.

There's a PR to bump the prerelease version and get out a new beta. Then we'll run that through cargobomb.

Seems like we're doing ok. Thanks all.

I think is sorted by landing a doc-fix (though, imo the fix is … exculpatory more than it is helpful). So that one should be all good to go.

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