Rust 1.14.0 channel manifest rewrite

Today members of the Rust Infrastructure Team manually rewrote and resigned the manifest of Rust 1.14.0 to fix incorrect download URLs for Cargo. We expect no breakage due to this change, but if you already have Rust 1.14.0 installed rustup update might re-download the toolchain.

Due to a bug, when the original manifest was generated the download URLs for Cargo pointed to instead of our CDN This causes a few issues:

  • The bucket was meant for temporary CI artifacts, and it already happened one time that the files were deleted by lifecycle policies. Additionally, the bucket is not used by anything else nowadays, and we'd like to delete it.
  • Amazon intends to deprecate and eventually remove path-based S3 URLs, switching to subdomain-based URLs. That means the download URLs are not guaranteed to stay up forever.
  • Having all downloads in a single domain makes caching the releases way easier, as you don't have to special-case that URL just for Rust 1.14.0.

If you notice any unforseen issues please report them in this thread, and we'll fix them.

-- Rust Infrastructure Team