Retrieving Hostname of computer

I am using the gethostname() function and it is working but returning an osstring. I need to convert it to a regular string so that I can use it inside of a REST call I'm building. I've been googling and reading docs but so far nothing is working.



There’s a few ways. An OsString may contain non-UTF-8 data so that converting to a String is not always possible. You need to think about how to handle such cases. The into_string method will give you an Err value when the conversion is not possible. The other alternative is to use a “lossy” conversion that will replace non-UTF-8 data with replacement characters “�”. That can be archieved through to_string_lossy on the OsStr type. Converting OsString to String with this could be done through doing x.to_string_lossy().into_owned() on your x: OsString (you can call OsStr methods on an OsString value).

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