Regression report stable-2016-10-20 vs. beta-2016-10-20

Regression report stable-2016-10-20 vs. beta-2016-10-20

  • From: stable-2016-10-20
  • To: beta-2016-10-20


  • 5694 crates tested: 3545 working / 1502 broken / 23 regressed / 4 fixed / 620 unknown.


  • There are 18 root regressions
  • There are 23 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full report

I haven’t looked through all, but the first few were because the drop_with_repr_extern lint was removed. Seems like it should not have been actually removed but made inert. Don’t we have some sort of lint for removed lints?

Oh, the lint errors are because deny(warnings). There is actually a lint linting the removed lint.


Apart from the drop_with_repr_extern there’s the following:

  • #[deny(transmute_from_fn_item_types)]: td_lua, hlua_master, zmq-rs
  • Unsized types in tuples: cfg-regex (transitive through outdated regex_dfa), lense, vectormath
  • #[derive(Eq)] with large arrays: pascal_string, assimp (transitive through outdated assimp-sys),
  • #[deny(deprecated)] + SipHasher: message_filter

Thanks @TimNN!

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