Regression report stable-2016-05-24 vs. nightly-2016-06-10


Full report.

  • [resolved] unused import - maidsafe_utilities, cargo, bytes, rustc-test, sprs, automaton, onionsalt, accurate, toml_document, eventual
  • “defaults for type parameter are only allowed in X”, typemap (deny(warnings) on future-incomptabile lint)
  • [resolved] transmute w/ different-size types - simple_parallel, parry
  • stack overflow - procinfo, uinput
  • hr lifetime must appear in both argument and return types - syntex_syntax (deny(warning) on future-incompatible)
  • [resolved] macro follow-set error - grabbag_macros, gml, aurelium, nickel_mustache, pacthash
  • [resolved] use of deprecated item - floaty (deny(warnings)
  • [resolved] debug! macro undefined - offscreen_gl_context, sbd


Links to issues and PRs causing the breakage are appreciated.


The transmute ones are both from crossbeam-0.1.6:

error: transmute called with differently sized types:
[usize; 32] (2048 bits) to [std::sync::atomic::AtomicBool; 32] (256 bits)

Caused by @aturon said he’ll publish a new version of crossbeam.


unused import is


Thanks @sanxiyn and @eddyb.


The “debug! macro undefined” ones are caused by (c.f. and fixed in, which hasn’t been reviewed yet (cc @nrc).


The fix for the “debug! macro undefined” regressions landed.


Thanks for taking care of that @jseyfried!


Follow set errors are probably from, which removed the old follow rules.