PSA: Debugging rustc type layouts

This post is a “public service announcement” for people working on the guts of rustc. I wish I had known about this a year ago, so I hope this post can make this feature more widely known.

Debugging layouts recently became a lot easier:


type T = (u8, u16);


Nice to see this!

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with impl Trait in the type alias, so I don't think it helps with debugging generator layout.

#![feature(rustc_attrs, generators, generator_trait, type_alias_impl_trait)]

use std::ops::Generator;

type T = impl Generator<u8>;

fn f() -> T {
    |mut r: u8| {
        r = yield "hi";
warning: unused attribute
 --> src/
5 | #[rustc_layout(debug)]
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Interesting. My first suspicion would be that this call fails, i.e., that the type does not yet have a layout when the attribute gets processed. @eddyb might be able to confirm or reject that hypothesis.

Looks like this match needs to handle OpaqueTy

That's not really a thing nowadays, you can't observe something like that without it being unsound for the query system and incremental - what would happen is that the necessary queries would be triggered and the type computed on-demand (this is similar to CTFE triggering type-checking, borrow-checking and only then running the MIR through miri).

It works with this tweak, which means @jschievink is right:

type X = T;
type T = impl Generator<u8>;

This is somewhat surprising to me, as I expected impl Trait to be allowed anywhere inside the RHS of a type alias, but apparently the feature is limited to type Foo = impl Bar;.

So type T = impl X is not a TyAlias? It syntactically looks like one.^^ Interesting.

EDIT: I am working on a PR for this, but LLVM takes 1h to rebuild, so it'll be a bit until I can push.

It's the new syntax for existential types.

This used to be spelled as

existential type Foo: Trait;

But was changed to

type Foo = impl Trait;

To leverage the existing impl Trait syntax instead of a completely new syntax.

I find it somewhat confusing to get entirely different AST nodes for very similar surface syntax -- naively I would have expected that TyAlias then has two kind of "child nodes", one for normal aliases and one for impl. But well, I probably should just have read the docs. :wink:

The PR is up:


It should be but it's not fully implemented yet (see, we still have those hacks in lowering, sadly).

It is in the AST (see PR above) but not in HIR.

Yeah that's how it should work, but... TODO :stuck_out_tongue:

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