Pre-RFC: loop/for/else match


Looking for feedback on a Pre-RFC for new ‘loop/for/else match’ constucts, in particular from anyone who might want to add a description of the implementation details in the compiler. I wouldn’t expect this to go in pre-1.0, but I think it would be a nice ergonomic addition to the language.


My personal opinion: when I’m attacking a serious problem by making the most of the power of Rust, I will probably not care if I need two extra lines per loop or not… For easier problems I can crank out Ruby or Python scripts :grimacing:


maybe in alternatives , you could suggest additions to the macro system

Imagine if macros could be invoked like this:

some_iterator.loop_match! (x) {           // $self=some iterator. 

basically the suggestion is “method macros” plus multiple macro parameter brackets (){} afterward to look like function signatures or other control-flow structures in C, and read more naturally with less nesting in more complex invocations.

cfor!(init; cond; incr   ) {

I think the rightward drift is a bigger problem than the extra lines, but you’re right, this is definitely not a make-or-break feature for the language. Nice-to-haves are still nice to have, though.


Why no if <condition> match or while <condition> match? if let and while let aren’t replacements, as they simply change their conditions to single pattern matches. I don’t think these ... match expressions should be considered related to if let and while let, because they work quite differently. Sometimes I’ve thought that for let could be useful: for let i @ 'a' ... 'z' in iterator would iterate over iterator so long as the value yielded continued to be a lowercase (Latin) letter.

I think that these constructs could be useful to remove nesting in some places, but the places they are useful seem strangely specific.

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