Pre-RFC: Expose `LoopState` to make `try_fold` loops more idiomatic

(I opened an issue #75744 about this before realizing that, as a feature request, it requires the full process.)

I work with an organization that has a large amount of Rust graph traversal code as part of its core business. We used to use itertools 's fold_while for short-circuiting functional-style loops over slices of our graphs, which is now deprecated in favor of try_fold .

try_fold is great, but the lack of a standard library provided Try implementation that makes the loop semantics clear is confusing. We created our own, which is fine, but I think it would make a lot of sense to expose LoopState and provide an example in the docs.

Originally related to: rust-itertools/itertools#469

As I mentioned there, the naíve approach here is pretty ugly:

Specifically, existing implementations of Try that most users are familiar with either won't return a value (Option) or semantically denote success and failure (Result). The fold_while use case is a common one and should be supported by the standard library in an idiomatic way.


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