pre-pre-...-pre-RFC: Long String literal support

Often, I have a long string literal (e.g. some sort of message). If the literal is long enough, I either have to let the line be really long (bad style) or break the string into two strings and concatenate them somehow. This is fairly annoying.

To improve ergonomics, I propose that we allow syntactically splitting string literals as follows:

let s = "a long string lit";
// should be equivalent to
let s = "a long" " string lit";
// or 
let s = "a "
        "long "
        "string "

This would allow long string literals to be broken over multiple lines and indented/formatted nicely.

The only parsing ambiguity I can see is for macros that already accept things like foo!("a" "long string lit").

Any feedback appreciated.

Why isn’t the current multiline string support sufficient?

let s = "a \
         long \
         string \
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Oh, wow :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know that worked. Thanks @sfackler!

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