Poll: Which other-crate-relative-path syntax do you prefer?

Note: this poll includes “inline” non-use paths

  • @a::b::c
  • [a]::b::c
  • extern a::b::c
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I checked extern a::b::c, though I’d certainly prefer extern::a::b::c because of more regularity across the full path. It’s an extension of self:: and super:: to me.

So I vote for the non-listed extern::cratename::b::c.


I should also note, while @foo::bar is not ambiguous, it would make foo@@bar::Baz a valid pattern.

Sorry, I can’t add it to the poll as > 5 mins have passed, but a moderator can…Until then, if anyone wants to vote for extern::a::b::c, please like @phaylon’s comment

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There isn’t an option for “don’t do this, please”.


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