Object-safe bounds for associated types and constants

At present, one must fully specify any associated types and constants in trait object types, which makes sense for cases like dyn Deref<Target=Foo>. Increasingly however, there exist cases where this fragments trait objects and necessitates separate type erased traits.

We already suppress non-object-safe methods with a where Self: Sized bound from trait objects. I'd therefore propose we support this mechanism for associated types and constants (and statics if they happen).

As an example, this trait becomes object safe:

pub trait Foo {
    const Baz : usize = 32
        where Self: Sized;
    type Bar = [u8; Self::Baz]
        where Self: Sized;
    fn foo(&self, stuff: &[u8; Self::Baz]) -> Self::Bar
        where Self: Sized;
    fn fooo(&self, stuff: &[u8]) -> Box<[u8]> {

A priori, we would not support dyn Foo<Baz=32> under this situation because dyn Foo knows nothing about Baz, but we could discuss this detail further.