New RFC for delegation: anyone interested in contributing?


I’m currently considering to write a new (and shorter) RFC for delegation in replacement of 1406 which was postponed.

Threads like this one or this other one showed that a certain number of people may want to contribute. Maybe some of you have already started drafts on their side. Could anyone interested please contact me?

3 weeks to delegation! Please help

Sounds like an interesting project I’d be up for working on (but not today, too tired for that today…) =)


Note to future self: It might be prudent to consider higher kinded types for the future such as:

trait Functor {
    fn fmap<A, B, F: Fn(A) -> B>(self: Self<A>, mapper: F) -> Self<B>;


This was already mentioned in the original RFC. Now the fact is blockers were far more “trivial” so while it can of course still be considered as an interesting extension for the future, I’m afraid it is clearly out of reach for the time being.


I am definitely in favour of this. I think that for composition to be truly ergonomic we need delegation.