New GitHub look

If you check out the repository today, you'll see a new look:

This is a new thing we have early access to:

Since it's gonna happen for everyone in a few weeks anyway, I turned it on.

I’m confused, I don’t see the change.

It doesn’t seem like a per-repository but a per-user setting to me, I turned it on in one place, and all repo views now look like this.

Hmm, so I read

Over the course of the next two weeks, you'll be able to opt-in to the new design from any of your repositories with the click of a button.

As it being a per-repo setting, and the flash message I got implied it too, I thought. But, this can also be read as a per-user setting too. So maybe it is?

I understood it as per repo too, but it doesn’t behave like that what I can see.

Do you remember what the URL for the link that enabled this was?

I do not, sorry :confused:

Here is what it looks like for me now:

I think the wording has changed and the previous one suggested it was a per-repository setting. (Something like "switch this repo".) The button submit a form to /site/enable_new_repo_nav. The only hidden fields I see in the same <form> have names utf8 and authenticity_token, with respective values and a random string. Nothing repo-specific, apparently.

Aww. I guess I’ll have to wait then.

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