Moving editor highlighting into their own repos

Hey everyone,

We’ve hosted editor files in-tree for a long time, but it seems to me that the time is right to move them out into their own repositories. Does anyone have any feels about this? was pretty positive.

Unless someone has some serious objections, I’ll do this sometime in the next week or so. Thanks!

+1 any kind of connection these files have to the core language hasn’t been leveraged in practice.

+1 already a bunch of editor integration is hosted externally, makes sense to move out Vim and emacs too.

Will they still live under rust-lang GitHub organization? I think having “blessed” versions is important.


Does it make sense to split them up by editors in the same motion?

I agree, I really like the idea of having official support for Vim and Emacs, or at least an official endorsement.

I’ve been willing to make this happen for quite some time but I didn’t take the time to do it. I think we should keep them under the rust-lang organization, though.

Yes, they will be in individual repos, and all under rust-lang.

+1. Having to go through bors running the entire compiler test suite to land a change to these files delays both the change itself and the rest of the bors queue, for no benefit.

Arch linux nightly packages install the highlighting files into appropriate places, so installing rust-nightly-bin will also get you highlighting in supported editors.

This is what rollups are for.

Otherwise +1 from me too.

I guess the PKGBUILD file could download the editor files from the new repos.

Nope, rollups are for small things that are likely not going to cause conflicts and that need to go through the test suite. Having these patches going through the test suite, although harmless, is useless.

Today, I made the repositories, and a PR to remove them from the tree:

Thanks to @chris-morgan and @huon’s suggestions, I was able to preserve the individual histories as well, which is nice.

Could we encourage other editor integration repos to move into rust-lang? I’m thinking Sublime Text in particular (because I use it) but I’m sure there are others.

I wouldn’t mind making a repository for any editor which wishes to have one. I use vim, personally, so I’m taken care of :smile:

Maintainer of rust-nightly-bin here. It was never my intention to provide syntax files, although I may have done so inadvertently at some point. I think it's nicer letting people manage their own editor configuration, given the plethora of different methods (Vundle/Pathogen/whatever).

I like this change, feels good putting Plugin 'rust-lang/rust.vim' in my .vimrc.


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