More categories


Definitely not enough categories in this discourse.



Certainly. Any ideas?



Perhaps something along the lines of “Proposals”. Right now, if you want to get feedback on an early idea or early stage RFC, but it’s not submittable, you kinda just have to stick with reddit or something. I think discourse could be a much better platform for that kinda stuff. (and along the lines of that HKT idea that eric had, but there wasn’t a solid place to put it)

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How does Discourse play well with long running threads? For example, we’ve got the year old generator thread where we’re playing around with the concept but no firm ideas on how we’d actually implement it. It’s only getting a comment every couple months. Would that play well with Discourse’s format, or would it be better to leave that slow conversation in the bug tracker?


Suitability of discourse for long, slow threads


Sort is based on how long it’s been since someone has posted to a topic. This Ubuntu forum thread has been running since June 2013 (same as your mentioned thread) so you have to scroll down to the posts for February to see it. This is mitigated by having nice categories - you don’t actually have to scroll very far if you select the [Feedback] category on their forum.

If you’re tracking the thread, then you get notified for posts about it. Everyone who is interested in the thread will receive a notification, even if it hasn’t been posted in for a few months, since reading the thread will cause it to be tracked by you.

@cmr I like these categories (new ones bolded):

  • meta
  • docs
  • cargo
  • internals
    • ideas: Polling for interest and feedback for possible RFCs
    • tools
    • libs
    • bikeshed
    • policy
  • guidelines
    • style
  • community: Rust developer community-related discussion: e.g., “Hey there was this talk about Rust”, discussion about involvement, bringing attention to the language.
  • uncategorized


Good ideas. I’ve created internals/ideas and internals/tools, but left libs as toplevel. The others were also made.



Would an offtopic category not fit on the discuss forums? There’s currently no other place to just talk to other people in the Rust community other than #rust-offtopic on IRC, but that requires you to actively be at your computer for the whole conversation, unlike a forum conversation.


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