Minigames while waiting for builds

This is just a weird idea I had, it could add a line like “Press G to play a minigame” under the compiling bar, which would launch the game and put the bar to the top, it’d have all kinds of command line games from guess the number to snake, I think it’d be a fun addition for when you depend on 400 crates!


This would be fantastic. Hopefully it can be done as a wrapper script, I have many other long running processes which deserve the same treatment.

Obligatory: xkcd: Compiling

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I'll just put this here...

PRs welcome. I'm happy to add more maintainers.


it could have rust specific games too like a crab catching fish (yall prolly have better ideas) also how are we actually going to put this in cargo? maybe it could be as a wrapper executable so they can run cargo with-games build/run/check…

I was just thinking about this. Hasn't compile-time sword fighting always been the de facto mini game?


Compile-time sword fighting should be zero cost at runtime :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven't tested it, or checked it in any way, but it's supposed to be 100% rust, which is a good starting point...

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