Make check not firing libcoretest tests

I made PR #21895 which modifies src/libcoretest/. However for some reason when running ‘make check’, the libcoretest tests don’t get run. I’ve run ‘make check’ within script and the output is here:

Compare this to a ‘make check’ run by Travis:

If you search for “libcoretest”, you’ll see zero in my Gist but 1832 results from the Travis run.

Does anyone have any idea why some tests aren’t running on my local machine?

You make check failed during the run-valgrind tests which are executed before crate unit tests, hence you didn’t get to run coretest tests.

If you want to run only coretest unit tests, you can use the command make check-stage1-coretest. See make tips for more info.

(I’m not sure why the run-valgrind tests failed, but it seems that your valgrind is too old, and doesn’t recognize some flags?)

Ok, thanks for pointing that out. Upgrading Valgrind and will see how I go.

Upgraded valgrind, installed a couple of other requirements, upgraded gdb, and now getting:

Debuginfo tests failing

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